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Dear student from Trafikutbildarna, here you can see more details about you stay in Arvidsjaur

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At the moment, until the end of March 2024, all rooms for students are already occupied.

We cooperate together with Trafikutbildarna and will make your stay in Arvidsjaur pleasant and comfortable. 

Student who applied for intensive course from Trafikutbildarna get a special offer for a long stay (longer as 10 days):

Price: 280 SEK/night  (For the second person at the same room +200 SEK/night)
The regular price for students is 490 Sek/night for a room and applies to bookings less than 10 days.

It is 1,5 km to the school from our place, it take not longer as 15 minutes by foot. In front of the hotel in 20 meters is a food store ICA.

We provide bed sets and towels, we change the bed sets one time per week. 
Please note our house rules

- Pets are not allowed on the whole territory of the LUMI property.

- Smoking (this applies to all types of cigarette-like or pen-like devices) is not permitted inside or outside the premises on LUMI's property, with the exception of the designated smoking area in the courtyard. In case of non-compliance with this rule, LUMI is entitled to refuse access to its premises and/or the provision of its services and to charge an additional fee of 2000 SEK.

 -The entire building is equipped with an automatic fire alarm system. If the guest accidentally triggers the fire alarm, the alarm service will charge an additional fee of 10000 SEK.

- Shower time is limited per person.

- All guests have to clean shared areas after their use.

- Payment is required by the check in.

- For any damages of hotel items, extra cleaning and services we will issue additional bills. 

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One more note: 
these two cats live in the house, we don't allow them to go to the guests's room, so please don let them to do it too. Most of the time they are in our apartment, but rarely you might see them playing in the corridor.
If you have any problems to stay with us because of them, then we can advice you some other nice places for your perfect stay in Arvidsjaur. :)

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