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2007: SilverCross45 opens with Multi Dynamic Service buying the former Nyborg Church from EFS, new business was running by Leif Carlsson och Katarzyna Carlsson. Next year the new business receives a five-year temporary building permit. The Catholic chapel is consecrated by the bishop and named after the Chapel of the Virgin Mary after the Virgin Mary, who in Sami culture is called the Queen of Heaven. The Catholic chapel has ended its operation in May 2022

In June 2022  the SilverCross45 property was bought by tourism entrepreneurs Julia Hochwald and Martin Hochwald (company Lumi House AB), which continues the old traditions of SilverCross45 for accommodation business.

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Julia is an entrepreneur with Sámi roots. She has an education in arts, and likes to use old Sámi symbols for her items, forms and combinations of materials. In her artistic work, she tries to combine respect for Sámi tradition with contemporary interpretations. 

In 2022 they moved from Finnish Lapland, where they lived in touristic city Rovaniemi.  

Julia: "Some of the traditional knowledge disappeared as a result of the relocation of my family to a big city, but since childhood I closely followed how my grandmother and my mother used to make traditional clothes, shoes and jewellery."

As a child of the North, Julia enjoys life with respect for nature and tries to live ecologically. “My favourite season is winter, when I love to draw and to sew. I love working with reindeer leather and to craft my Sámi jewellery, bags and clothes, using techniques I learned from my grandmother.”

2022 together with Martin, they decided to move to Swedish Lapland Arvidsjur and founded the company  Lumi House AB, which now runs the brand LUMI and operates as a handicraft atelier, shop and guesthouse. The business is located at the historical site of the well-known former Nyborg Church from EFS, which doesn't located here any more.

Julia has an experience since 2014 to run hotels, one of the project Lauri House still operate in Rovaniemi Finland. Among Julia's roles in the new company are all computer work about selling of the accommodation, marketing of  the hotel and handicraft products, product development, and making Sámi jewellery and bags myself, finding resellers and new artisans. "But especially I enjoy to run handicraft classes and thus to share with our visitors elements of the Sámi culture in a responsible way.” 

Martin's role is to fix everything, to make renovation, produce some items from wood and antler, running outdoor services for the guests as catching northern light or ice fishing and etc. Julia: "Martin is a professional car mechanic and he has such magic "gold hands" , that the machines sometimes are repairing them selfs, if he only touch it. :)" Originally Martin came from Germany, he moved to Sweden in 2009, then he moved to Julia to Finland in 2018, but the attachment to Sweden was too strong, and the new family decided to connect their lives with the north of Sweden.

Martin: "Mountains, clear water, untouched nature, smiling people - those are what you always miss if you are away from Swedish Lapland."

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