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Sámi bracelet with silver and tin thread

In a two-hour individual program, we will make step-by-step a beautiful traditional Sámi handicraft on reindeer leather and silver/tin thread. We will create our little piece of art in the historical Lauri log house in the city centre, at the city’s oldest handicraft atelier. We will have some herbal tea or coffee and enjoy talks about life in Lapland.

You will take away your own Sámi bracelet and very warm memories.

Duration: 2 hours

890:- kr per person incl. materials, tea/coffee/juice, snack

Min. group size 2 people, max. 5 people

Age: from 12

Language: English, German

Contact us directly for the booking

Reindeer Herder Family
Ski trekking

Aurora Tours

  • Transfer to our «secret spot» around 10-20 km from town

  • We sit on reindeer skins or walk through the forest, and we make a cosy camp fire

  • We enjoy barbecue, tea and chocolate, and listen to stories about Lapland

  • Personal atmosphere, group size between 2 and 4 people

Duration 2-3 hours

Price: 890:- kr. per Person

Contact us for the booking

Blacksmith course 

  • In this workshop you will get into the art of knife making and learn how to forge "your" blade from mono steel.

  • If all 4 places are occupied with one booking, each participant will receive a 15% discount on the stated price!

  • Min. group size 2 people, max. 4 people

Duration: 8-10 hours

without board: €229 plus VAT (25%), per person

with meals: €249 plus VAT. (25%), per person

Age: from 16

Language: English, German


Mobil: +49 170 53 58 508, +46 705 682 914

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